pimping out my future children

I couldn’t help it, I had to share these videos. These young kids talent really blows me away. I only hope that one day my future children will shock and awe us with some hidden talent that husband and I are both sadly lacking in, and we will promptly sign them up for whatever version of American Idol/XFactor is popular in 2028. Ok, not really, but it sure would make for enjoyable listening around the house. Just amazing…


today is not my day

Today is ones of those days. The ones where all you want to do is go back home, pour yourself an extra-large glass of wine (or two) and pull the covers back over your head. This clip pretty much sums up my morning at work today…oh yeah, and I dipped my freshly washed and blow dried hair into my soy sauce from lunch, which I waited in a crowded line for like 30 minutes and subsequently had to eat at my desk. Hence, leaning over distractedly and discovering the ends of my hair are dripping soy sauce. Sigh. Will be picking up a bottle of Pinot on the drive home. Thank god it’s there’s a three-day weekend coming!

home projects + funny husbands

I am not a spring cleaner, I am a fall nester. More importantly, my apartment is a disaster right now due to creeping papers, stacks of magazine, clothes piles and general cluttered-ness that happens during summer. I’ve been in the mood this week to get organized and need to take advantage of this feeling, it does not posses me often…When I told Taylor I thought I needed organizational supplies to tackle this project, he wholeheartedly agreed, followed by “and then we can put everything in the garage!” Uhhh,no. Then I can better organize the stuff we own and use everyday in our house… ha ha. Gotta love his minimalistic thinking though.

Currently we use my large, beautiful rustic table as a mail drop area/office, and the office is used as storage. Not so good. I love this home office and would love even more a clear surface to display the flowers husband occasionally surprises me with just because he’s sweet.

And my true weakness, closet and bathroom organization. It’s just sad. Maybe some cute baskets in the linen closet would give it that spa feel.





fall wishlist

It’s crazy to think summer’s almost over and I’m already contemplating fall, but I think when you work in retail you have major timeline confusion (we’re working on Holiday and Summer 2013!) Nevertheless, fall starts setting in August and it’s hard not to be inspired by all the fresh styles and colors available. I think I am so drawn to this season because it has always been my favorite time of year. I love crisp fall days, the smell of smoke in the air and the changing colors of the leaves, taking walks in the brisk air with a pumpkin spice latte, yum!. It always makes me think of new beginnings and gets me excited for what’s ahead in the coming year. Hopefully this fall will bring something new again…all that said, here are some of my favorite looks for fall and some that will help make the transition (and yes, I am well aware of the amount of black in each outfit – I would make an excellent New Yorker).

images via My Style.

i dont mean to brag

But I would argue that I am from one of the most beautiful places in the country, Sandpoint Idaho. Yup, I said it…and we’re on a plane right now going on a 10 day vacation back home to soak up summer, family, friends & no work! I have missed it so much and have been literally counting the days for a while now. Scheduled activities thus far include, but are not limited to: the Festival at Sandpoint, savoring ¬†local favorite restaurants like Spud’s, Second Ave, Sandcreek and 41 South; Pend Oreille Winery, boating, drive up to Schweitzer Village, golfing, McDuff’s micro-brewery beer flights, paddle boarding, Coldwater Creek wine bar, BBQ’s, bike rides and good old-fashioned relaxing! See ya’ll in a few weeks!