life lately according to my phone

Lately we’ve been splitting shakes and burgers as big as your face at Twisted Root, enjoying wine and friday night movies, playing with the big food while shopping, melting, snacking on dark chocolate covered almonds (yum!) and I made my first ever batch of homemade 3 bean beer-chili, quite successfully I might add…when in Texas!


hello holiday

Labor Day, I have been waiting for you!  Can’t wait to get started on the 3 glorious days ahead…I’m thinking good eats at a few of our favorite spots, wine and long talks out on the deck, dinner with friends, a little pool time and some serious relaxing. Have a great weekend!

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wedding crashers

We enjoyed our first Indian wedding last night, it was totally gorgeous and a lot of fun! We weren’t really sure of what we were doing, hence the questionable dancing in the video (we were instructed to pretend we were changing lightbulbs while alternating hands) don’t know how well we all pulled it off but we certainly had a good time and enjoyed the experience…Congratulations Sam & Alykhan!

the bride and groom.

happy birthday mom

Happy Birthday Mom! (48 right?) If time and money were no object, I would fly up to meet you here, at the Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley, where we would spend the weekend sampling wines & touring Napa, preferably on matching vespas…but alas, instead I mailed a little surprise and give you permission to consider all wine/calories exempt for today! Hope it’s wonderful and I love and miss you!

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date night

Today, I wish I lived on the East coast…maybe Maine or Maryland. I have been craving good crab cakes lately and while I did whip up some pretty good pre-made ones from Central Market last Sunday, I feel like a authentic crab cake is best experienced on the dock somewhere along the east coast with an ice cold beer. And probably a bib! Instead, I will probably go to my fave mexican place here in Dallas, Chuy’s (hello margs!!!), and this movie with my main squeeze. Date night with the husband is my favorite!

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dad’s 60th birthday brew

My dad is turning 60 this month and he has decided he wants a low-key BBQ party with close friends to celebrate. I totally get the low-key party, I am a fan of intimate celebrations myself, however I wanted to do something a little special to mark this occasion, so I decided to dig through family pics and come up with a couple of the best to make custom beer labels for his favorite brew (Kokanee). Of course, I had to test a few out on my stash at home, love how they turned out! They are actually a surprise, but since I am pretty sure he does not read this blog, my secret is safe and he will be in for a treat!