i’m back…with news

I have not fallen off the face of the earth, I swear. I have just had a very busy and evolving couple of months. So, to update on what is probably the biggest change… I started my new job Monday. Yup, totally new job!  I resigned from my previous position and I look forward to yet another chapter in learning that life is journey and to let go & enjoy. My new position is merchandising for the .com division of a retailer here in Dallas. Who knows what’s the right decision? I certainly don’t, but I believe you have to stay just ahead of your comfort zone to keep growing. With my resignation, I was also able to take a last minute trip home and see my family and I used that time for recharging and relaxing. I enjoyed nature walks everyday and even saw snow!

The beautiful colors of the leaves, nature walks, my dad picking cattails.

Wine bar date with my mom, snow on the trees, and my all time favorite view.


change is good

Sorry for the long absence, a lot has been going on here and I needed a serious break. Can’t share everything that has been going on quite yet but I can say life is a crazy, strange and unpredictable journey for which we need to remember to enjoy, each day and every moment with the ones we’re with.


image via Sandpoint, Id.