a day-in-the-life

As previously stated, I work for a shall-remain-nameless fashion company headquartered here in Dallas. Within that company, I work in branding. When I get asked what I do, I see people’s eyes light up, or maybe they say, “oh, what fun!” Well, sure, it has it’s moments. But I want to set the record straight, working in fashion is not like the movies, and I think peoples perception is that it’s far more exciting than it is. In that light, I thought I would give a behind-the-scenes run through of a typical day for me. Now, for a disclaimer. I like what I do, this could just be my experience, and as I have a tendency for a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, read ahead with a giant Margarita and a grain of salt…
  • 8:30    Roll into the office after harrowing, Nascar-worthy driving experience in morning traffic. Grab breakfast at your desk while your emails load.
  • 9:00    Surprise meeting set by your boss the night before after you had already left work. Frantically print off project you thought you had time to polish this morning.
  • 9:30    Back to desk, asses daily projects, read emails, go over to-do list. Accomplish nothing as its now time for your next meeting.
  • 10:00  Meeting.
  • 10:30  Start project assigned at 10:00am meeting, due at 1:00.
  • 11:30   Meeting about setting meetings for project schedule.
  • 12:00  Eat lunch at desk while blessedly escaping with your favorite blogs. Or, if feeling ambitious, go to the office gym and rush through 45 minute workout, 5 minute shower, and pull clothes back on over still-sweating body.
  • 1:00    Meeting to review project assigned at 10:00am meeting. Boss forgot they assigned  project/no longer are interested in project. Scrap your work without blinking, assign you a new project. This one is high priority, drop everything.
  • 3:00   Realize your eyes are burning from having stared without blinking at computer for 2 hours. Take a walk around the building, forgo healthy snack you packed in favor of eating your feelings with a giant chocolate chip cookie from Café.
  • 3:30   Meeting. No idea what this one is about, leave still feeling that way.
  • 4:30   Curse the clock, peruse Pinterest.
  • 5:30   Run desperately to your car dreaming of an ice-cold glass of wine, sit in rush hour traffic.
6 months later…
Seasonal campaign and collection rolls out. You eye it suspiciously wondering what, if anything, represents your work. Sigh out loud to yourself and get ready for your next meeting.
image via Apartment 34.

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