home projects + funny husbands

I am not a spring cleaner, I am a fall nester. More importantly, my apartment is a disaster right now due to creeping papers, stacks of magazine, clothes piles and general cluttered-ness that happens during summer. I’ve been in the mood this week to get organized and need to take advantage of this feeling, it does not posses me often…When I told Taylor I thought I needed organizational supplies to tackle this project, he wholeheartedly agreed, followed by “and then we can put everything in the garage!” Uhhh,no. Then I can better organize the stuff we own and use everyday in our house… ha ha. Gotta love his minimalistic thinking though.

Currently we use my large, beautiful rustic table as a mail drop area/office, and the office is used as storage. Not so good. I love this home office and would love even more a clear surface to display the flowers husband occasionally surprises me with just because he’s sweet.

And my true weakness, closet and bathroom organization. It’s just sad. Maybe some cute baskets in the linen closet would give it that spa feel.






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