summer vacation part I

It was hard to capture the spirit of the week in pictures, we packed a lot in and had a wonderful time back home with family. Summer will never mean the same thing it does in Sandpoint and I felt like I could have kept soaking up the days for at least a month. Alas, all good things come to an end, so here is the round-up of the first part of our trip: we drove the new highway that took us over the beach, great view! Stopped immediately at Joel’s for breakfast burritos’, took them down the City Beach to eat dockside at the marina, enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the beach (Taylor might consider lifegaurding if the current career path bombs out) enjoyed our favorite spot for cold beers at the Loading Dock, had lunch on the marina again at my favorite downtown deck, and put my feet up at home for some R&R! More to come….



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