playing hookey

On occasion at my work, they bring in bands to play a concert for us, so we get to take a little time out to rock out to some live music! The latest band was The Orbans, I had never head of them before but they were great! Here’s a little snippet of a video I took, sorry for the shaky camera skills…


only in texas

Well, okay, probably everywhere south of the border where it’s sweltering in the summer, but I have never seen so many slushy choices in my life until I moved down here. I never really got them, I mean, why would I drink a giant cup of overly sugared ice? Until now, now I get it….had to share this pic from a trip to QT with the girls on lunch!


life latley

It has been hot, hot, hot here (avg. 105), so we haven’t spent a lot of time outdoors lately. We did attempt golfing last weekend and barely made it through a bucket of balls at the driving range before collapsing into the car a sweaty mess. We cooled our heels by the pond down at Legacy and enjoyed my favorite meal of mexican goodness. Couldn’t resist these adorable sail boat cookies at work, and Taylor thinks it’s hilarious how big my computer is – thats me “hiding”.


game day

One of the sports we love to spectate is baseball, it’s just good all-American fun. One nice thing about living here is we have access to some pretty great games, but also are enjoy the laid back homestyle minor league fun as well. We have gone a few times to the Frisco Rough Riders where you can purchase the (cheap) grass seats, spread out a blanket and enjoy cold beer and summer nights with friends. We haven’t been yet this year, so we might have to wrangle up some takers and go!


images via Tumblr.

happy friday + link love

This week felt like it went by pretty fast, which doesn’t typically happen when I feel like I have something I am waiting for (vacation). Going to get my hair done, the last time was Christmas…yeah, and maybe husband and I will celebrate our 4 year anniversary a week early seeing as we will be flying home the day of. We’ll see if we feel inspired Saturday night!

image via Pinterst.

And some links I have to share:

Hilarious letter from kid to parent’s about proper meal planning.

Q&A with Nancy Meyer’s about set design and her new movie!

Love this editorial, makes me want to host a beach party.

Currently craving this adorable trio.

Not your average welcome mat.

something blue

I have always shaken my head when discussing men’s ideas about decorating. It can be summed up in one word: blue. Done deal. Paint a wall some hideous shade of not-quite navy and re-arange your ratty college furniture to suit your lifestyle (translation: which angle should the one arm chair I own face to better play Xbox). But lately, I cant help but love the idea of blue as the main color accenting my someday house. Take it down a few shades to a calming spa blue and you’ve got a vibe that’s instantly relaxing and sophisticated.

images via Pinterest.