sneak peak friday

Okay, it’s friday, and it’s either because I am feeling very excited (and I am no darn good at keeping things I am excited about to myself), or because I am feeling that I need to just push forward and make myself tow the line, which I will have to do if I start this ball rolling. So, here it is: the BIG NEWS (kinda)…..I am starting a company! A small one mind you, just a little something on the side as I do have a full time job already, but this is just for me. For my love the Northwest lifestyle, and because if not now, when? As this is a sneak peak, I am not saying what, who, where or showing my cards just yet…but let’s just say I am working to do a soft launch come high summer….all I will show you is one of my inspiration boards, which says so much, and yet nothing at all…Happy Friday!

images via Pinterest.


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