getting back to my roots…sort of

I cut my hair off about 2 years ago, going for the adorable Heidi Klum shoulder-grazing layers, and it was a nice change from the long hair I had all through high school and college, but after the last cut and feeling like I didn’t recognize myself in picture (who is this girl with short, brown hair?) I have decided to grow it out again. While this decision comes at the worst time (summer, in Texas) I know it will feel like me again. Oh yeah, and after MUCH experimentation and trying to go au natural, I have discovered my best color is some brightening highlights, a pain to keep up, but when I get freshly lightened I think, ahhh much better! This image may have triggered my decision, though I realize that in no way will my hair ever look like this…just gorgeous!

image via Walking Around.


2 thoughts on “getting back to my roots…sort of

  1. Ha, yes, here’s to the girls in the middle… 🙂 thanks for being sweet and reading, I love checking in with what you guys are up to too – good stuff! For real, phone date, this weekend…

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