margarita’s & real talk

Last weekend we had such a nice, long visit over tasty mexican and an oversized margarita (probably the real reason for all the deep conversation, that stuff is like truth serum!) We talked about plans, goals, life in general and, cheesy as it sounds, who we are discovering we really are. They say you change so much in your 20’s, as a rule I generally ignored this type of foreshadowing as I was sure I had already learned so much (stupid, I know), I am now coming to realize I have only begun to start understanding myself and what I want. Meanwhile, Taylor is on his own journey, and while we are completely in love and committed to building our life together, it throws you a curve when you realize the person you thought you knew inside and out has some interesting patterns and belief systems developing as they do their own growing. This is not bad, don’t get me wrong, it’s all very interesting and what I hope will be wonderful changes both individually and together (husband is sneakily smart and perceptive and has my number even before I do) I’m going to admit to some narrow-minded thoughts here – I used to think that when people said they loved their 30’s more than their 20’s it was just them trying find the good in getting older (ah, I’m sorry!) but as I steadily approach the big 3-0, I am starting to realize what they meant. My parents have always said that sometimes it’s not about knowing exactly what  you do want, but figuring out what you don’t want along the way can be a great tool in the process of elimination and discovery…so wise. All that long-windedness to say, it has been a crazy journey through my 20’s and I feel I have really grown the most on the back-end of those years, but I feel incredibly blessed to have the support, love and patience of my sweet husband Taylor…I only hope I can return the favor and be there for him!



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