Seriously, sooo happy it’s Friday!!! Happy hour with the girls tonight at Legacy, then sleeping in and spending the weekend with my most favorite person ever (the hubbs)…movies, shopping, lunching, sleeping & pool time! Hello weekend.

image via AB.


happy birthday mom

Happy Birthday Mom! (48 right?) If time and money were no object, I would fly up to meet you here, at the Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley, where we would spend the weekend sampling wines & touring Napa, preferably on matching vespas…but alas, instead I mailed a little surprise and give you permission to consider all wine/calories exempt for today! Hope it’s wonderful and I love and miss you!

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I LOVE avocado! For awhile, I was making gaucamole-live in our kitchen every single night instead of a real dinner. As Taylor is not as sold on the solid gold properties of the avocado, he was a bit disgruntled to have chips and dip for dinner every night…Maybe if I sneak it into some other wonderful recipes, like these here, he wouldn’t mind so much. Top it all off with a fresh berry sangria in a gorgeous glass pitcher like this one here and you’ve got something wonderful for a hot summer night!

avocado puff pastry / avocado fries / Sangria / Pinterest

all american drive-in

I have a few items on the bucket list while I still live in Dallas, one of them being going to this amazing drive-in theatre right outside the city! You simply pack your car with favorite friends, snacks & a cooler of choice drinks and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy the shows (they play 2 features in a row). I have always wanted to see a film at a drive-in, this one looks pretty close to perfect!

images via From Me to You Brazo’s Drive-In

bring on the weekend

Here we are last weekend at a BBQ party celebrating our friends upcoming wedding, although this was a whole other level of BBQ than how we do it in the north…bellydancing? Old, happy gentleman passing out fistfuls of cash to lavish on the belly dancers? Valet parking at their house…ha. I can’t really top that party, but I sure did enjoy it! Here’s to another memorable weekend!