wishful thinking

It’s gloomy, rainy and muggy here in Dallas and the late-night thunderstorms have kept me from sleeping this week…no matter, that’s what inspiring images of my favorite summer pastimes are for…I love this great boathouse, what charm! And I can seriously taste Tim’s Jalapeno chips (my sweet mom has actually mailed me some from the NW- hint hint mom!) and an ice cold beer at the end of a long day on the lake…can’t think of a better daydream on a rainy day.

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memorial weekend

David Nail (our favorite!) held a charity concert over Memorial weekend in Mckinney, we saw him open last year in Sandpoint and  were thrilled to see his tour schedule put him in our area again. There weren’t really a lot of details about the event, so we didn’t really know what to expect…were we surprised!!  We took some friends and had an awesome up close and personal view of the stage, I took a million video’s, but here are two of my favorites – I’m hoping that was not our last time seeing David Nail live, but if it was, it couldn’t have been better!

friday & what could be better

Who doesn’t love a 3 day weekend? So excited to enjoy what is probably the last of our good weather (before it’s 115 everyday) and soak up a little mini stay-cation! Pool time, mooching off someone else’s BBQ party, finishing some home projects and lunching at our favorite places. Hello Memorial Day weekend!

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Also planning on finishing up a little nesting this weekend, which means filling some of our frames with our favorite pictures and picking up a few extra things we have been needing, like dishes. (Okay, okay, I do not NEED a nautical rope ball, but I’ve always wanted one!) Projects like this should be accompanied by loud music, your favorite margarita on the rocks and the the one you love. Perfect! Also, I splurged this week and purchased this Kate Spade bag on sale – I have a weird thing for totes, and I know this one will make me laugh every time I use it and remind me it’s ok to play hooky once in a while…

Tote / Rope Ball / Bowls / Drinks

healthy & happy

I am constantly on a diet. By this I mean I am constantly waking up with the very best intentions and then eating like a frat-boy all weekend with Taylor, only to end each Sunday saying – tomorrow is the day! We’ve all been there. Well, now I am taking a different approach, I am scrapping the “diet” and I am just going to focus on living as healthy and consciously as possible (with some practical thrown in, sometimes you just need pizza!) . Treats are now my favorite flowers, dinners are mindful of what good I am doing my body, lot’s of water in my cute new mint glass water bottle, and working out when I can. Here’s to health!

vacation re-do

It’s official! Tickets are booked and we are on our way home for the best part of the year (August of course)…and our 4 year Anniversary! Where does the time go? Here are a few of my favorite moment’s of last summer’s visit and some activities I will be rehashing: boating, music & wine at the festival, swimming, bike riding, eating at favorite local spots & spending time with the family.

Parent’s house / view from the deck / wake boarding at Dover Bay / David Nail at the Festival at Sandpoint


In my make-believe life where the weekends stretch on forever, I own a beautiful little garden in my backyard where I tromp out each day in my classic black wellies, plucking up the fresh fruits of my labor to whip up a delightful dish that is truly home-made. Alas, said garden and time do not exist, but if they did I would make wild huckleberry crisps with lavender honey ice cream…

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