30 before 30

Life since we got married has been crazy, unexpected and unsettled. It has created opportunities and we are learning about ourselves, but it has also led to feeling like we have put some important things on hold. We have started a tradition in our marriage where we pick a “theme” for the year. This theme is meant to used as needed for making whatever situation we are currently in work a little better for us. For example, last year the theme was, “throw money at it.” Yes, I know, sounds irresponsible. I promise, it’s really not. This was established because we kept sacrificing an experience or making life way harder than it needed to be to save a little moolah. While it’s important to save, it’s more important not to save living for later. “Throw money at it” was created to be a bit of a mantra for when the going got tough and we needed a little something to help us get going. This experiment went well, which lead us to ask, what do we need this year? As we are both rounding 30 faster than we’d like, we are realizing we have places to go, things to do, people to see and the time to do them is now; before baby, before house, before maybe moving back to our beloved (yet remote) North West. So, drumroll please, commence the 30 before 30 list!!! This will extend for the next two years and I feel it will be our best theme yet. Of course, it seems appropriate that we will put together our 30 before 30 list in Mexico, where we will be checking off #1- our first just-us-two real vacation. To commemorate this project, I was inspired by a photo journal Piece of Toast did about their first 5 years together, and I want to publish ours as a keepsake reminding us that living is something you simply must wake up and decide to do. List to come after our trip!

images via Piece of ToastPinhole Press


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