well traveled

As our vacation count down has begun (17 days!!!) I am now considering what to pack. We have begun a traveling tradition in our house that if it doesn’t fit in our carry on duffel, it ain’t coming! This leads to either can’t-zip-duffel-overpacking where I bring too much and don’t wear half of it, or, shoot!, guess I’m wearing these dirty jeans to happy hour… I like to hope that eventually I will master the art of packing those perfect key items that can be layered in endless ways with the right accessories for anything that comes up, but for now, I continue to stare blankly into said duffel and ponder the unknown activities and events. To get inspired, I put some items together that I am definitely taking (neon margarita swim suit…check) and some that are on the wish list, and of course, a corona a lime to set the mood. Ole!

 images via bag / sunglass pouch / bikini / aviators / towel / beach oil / sandals/ earrings / sugar lips / corona


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