life moves pretty fast

Taylor made a weirdly accurate prediction last year around my birthday, he said this would be the year I started noticing babies. At the time, I laughed him off. What silliness! But then, and odd thing started happening…I started noticing! And then I started talking about it, and then I broke down and blubbered all over husband that I am having a late-20’s-what-am-I-doing crisis. (He took this all quite well, after all, he was expecting it) It seems that life moves in stages, and I keep feeling like just as I’m starting to grasp where I am at and what I am doing, the next stage is upon me! I’m not quit there, the thoughts of parenthood and THE commitment of ¬†lifetime still throw my brain into overdrive. I instantly see my life flashing before my eyes and I cant help but think longingly of all the things I have yet to accomplish or the experiences I still want to have. Am I alone in feeling this way? I think not, and for now I will continue ease myself gently into this next phase and enjoy watching others start this journey from a distance, like this adorable announcement from newly expecting blogger Camille Styles. Maybe next year will be my year…

Guess what? from Camille Styles on Vimeo.


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