birthday wishes

This year for my birthday, I want to make a wish-list for myself. I want this year to be one that I tackle a few good habits. Enjoying the little things is something I want to take seriously; a cold glass of wine at the end of the day, savoring coffee & talking with husband on Saturday mornings, the satisfaction of making something tasty & pretty, and finding that one thing each day that I can make special for myself or someone else. My health is also something I have begun to take more serisouly as I, eek!, slip towards the end of my 20’s. I am mostly-vegetarian, practicing whole eating and trying to make work-outs regular. Continuing this by maybe adding new tasty recipes and fun fitness would be a good goal for this year. Lastly, and most important, I want to challenge myself to take a risk (or two!). I think life truly does begin at the end of your comfort zone and I have never regretted the things I have done, only the ones I haven’t, so this year I need to find that thing that scares me and do it. For my birthday celebration, Taylor is taking me out to dinner to a place I’ve been wanting to try and I’m looking foward to good eats & quality time with the hubbs. Here’s to 28!

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(not) my apartment

I LOVE the modern-rustic-meets-Nantucket-craftsman style. Does such thing exist? I’m not sure, but I know if I ever got to build the forever home, it would be filled with wood floors, a big white kitchen and beautiful craftsman details that would give it charm! For now I live in a apartment, which I also love, but need to put some work into. I have a strange aversion to decorating places where I live, I think this is because we move so much and I say, well, it’s only temporary. This leads to never really feeling settled and homey in our place. So, in realizing this flawed thought process, I need to spend some time committing to decorating it in a way that will make it feel as cozy and enjoyable as the someday dream home. Photos of progress to come, but for now these are some of my inspiration. How wonderful is that outdoor space!

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life latley

Been a busy couple of months! We’ve moved, again, and now I’m slowly trying to nest into our new apartment. Mostly this means ignoring un-hung pictures every weekend in favor of being lazy and enjoying the nice weather. Although I miss the Northwest dearly, I gotta say, we’ve enjoyed a few days in the 70’s-80’s down here and even laid out by the pool! In March! Can’t do that in North Idaho…but mostly we’re looking foward to getting back into baseball season, eating & more eating, fun with friends, birthdays, family visits and vacation! A few pictures from out and about…

life moves pretty fast

Taylor made a weirdly accurate prediction last year around my birthday, he said this would be the year I started noticing babies. At the time, I laughed him off. What silliness! But then, and odd thing started happening…I started noticing! And then I started talking about it, and then I broke down and blubbered all over husband that I am having a late-20’s-what-am-I-doing crisis. (He took this all quite well, after all, he was expecting it) It seems that life moves in stages, and I keep feeling like just as I’m starting to grasp where I am at and what I am doing, the next stage is upon me! I’m not quit there, the thoughts of parenthood and THE commitment of  lifetime still throw my brain into overdrive. I instantly see my life flashing before my eyes and I cant help but think longingly of all the things I have yet to accomplish or the experiences I still want to have. Am I alone in feeling this way? I think not, and for now I will continue ease myself gently into this next phase and enjoy watching others start this journey from a distance, like this adorable announcement from newly expecting blogger Camille Styles. Maybe next year will be my year…

Guess what? from Camille Styles on Vimeo.

oh martha!

I love this DIY polka dot wall by Martha Stewart! I am not usually bold when it comes to decorating, I recently moved into a new apartment and once the dust settled, Taylor pointed out that everything we own is shades of grey and white. Calming, yes. Inspired? No. The upside to apartment living is that you’re not married to any one style, so I ordered the supplies to tackle this look. DIY before and after to come!