gotta start somewhere

After much debate and considerable study (i.e. obsession) of other wonderful and inspiring blogs, I have decided to to start my own. This will probably be read by my kindest friends and mother, however, I will charge ahead and write about all the things that inspire me: recipes I am wading through, places I’d love to go and reviews of the few I actually make it to, fashion cravings, nesting, and a general recap of the adventures of a late-20-something wishing for all the good life has to offer and wandering through the confusion of my own. Currently, I’m working & living in Dallas with my wonderful husband, who will appreciate this mental & creative outlet. Enjoy!


One thought on “gotta start somewhere

  1. I think this is my very first blog post! Musing as a late-50 something,I have to say that you are my hero. I’m still looking for more adventures before I “head to the barn”. You inspire me to keep reaching out for more…..the mother

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